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CTF Pharaosland and CTF CenterPoint for Warpath
[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal EmptySat 4 Nov - 23:14 by [RH]Dom

[RH]Map is not the only mapper in Warpath world, and the gamer's community had recently two other opus, one due to AR's talents, the other to Mister Razor.

CTF Pharaosland is, of course, in " pyramid " ambiance, with Sphynx, sand, tombs..and death hehe.

CTF CenterPoint is inspired from CTF-BridgeCrossing, a custom map from Pariah game. So a big bridge, 2 bases, water, port, seagulls yelling in the sky lol.

All these maps can be downloaded on Boneslicer's forum at www.boneslicer.bb-fr.com
Good job guys, and thanks!!

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CTF Vulcano now on release
[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal EmptyMon 30 Oct - 20:01 by [RH]Dom
Thanks to our mate [RH]Map who did a nice work on his latest creation, CTF Vulcano. Lava, magma, smoke, is the decorum where you'll try to grab some flags.

Sniper ramps, subterranean alleys, high risk ways in the heart of a volcano, bonus hidden areas, all this you'll find on your way for your pleasure.

After having downloaded the file, you'll have 2 files: the map itself, to put in Warpath/maps folder, and the original music ( by Dj Dom of course lol ) to put in Warpath/musics folder. We customize all in RH clan, hehhe.


Good job Map!!!

[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Magmamfulle03by1

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Oh no, more musics!!!
[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal EmptyFri 20 Oct - 10:06 by [RH]Dom
D.J Dom is back, with 4 more titles, 2 of them of large scale. So you will find:

Blue rain Free Autumn Megagame X-Files back

These titles are electro instrumentals, only MEgagame is pure bumping techno, dance before your computer and sweat!!!


[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Cokebearry3.th

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Some musics for your pleasure
[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal EmptySat 30 Sep - 1:15 by [RH]Dom
Having created several samples and musics just for fun, then for Warpath playing maps, i give here a link to download them in .mp3 format

I've the right to, because i'm the author...i accept Mastercard, money, checks, Western Union, Paypal, kisses from cute girls, good meals, and so on... ( joke )

In the compressed file you'll find the following musics, varying from 48 seconds to more than 3.20 minutes:

Alert - Are we in heaven? - Big Bear - Crazy Bee - Depeche Dom - Laser Ray - Motion - Pikachu - RHRunning - Teleport - Wake up

All titles are in techno style, because it suits better to games like Warpath. But no, i'm not a techno addict, i rather listen to hard rock, metal and so on, or progressive rock....I've got no David Getta or Daft Punk titles in me cds lol.

Hope you'll enjoy a bit!!!


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CTF VULCANO now in playable beta release
[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal EmptySun 24 Sep - 9:17 by [RH]Dom
You can try now the beta version of CTF VULCANO, tks Map who did this huge and impressive work

Put music in MUSICS folder ( original song made by me lol )

To download, go here :http://www.zshare.net/download/volcano-zip.html

[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Volcan1th8.th

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new map in progress: CTF VULCANO
[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal EmptyMon 11 Sep - 22:26 by [RH]Dom
Yes, the mapper man [RH]Map is at work again, this time, we got flames and lava, we got VULCANO!!!

The map is only in beta version and needs yet work and attention, but you'll enjoy the flames...let's hope we soon have the big Barbecue, and tks to Map!!

[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Mini_Shot00236

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new RH custom map: CTF Arena
[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal EmptyWed 30 Aug - 5:04 by [RH]Dom
Thanks to our teammate [RH]Map who works hard for all's pleasure!! He's releasing a new custom map for Warpath, called CTF-Arena. Already playble, but he's putting the final hand to it.

Good scale area in open air, with trees, bushes, bridge, tunnels, and many guys who wait for you because you wanna steal their flag lol. When the map will be finished, we'll put here a download link.

[RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Mini_Shot00173 [RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Mini_Shot00174 [RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Mini_Shot00175 [RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Mini_Shot00176 [RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Mini_Shot00177 [RH] WarPath Clan - Portal Mini_Shot00179

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